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I've joined pokemon-secret-santa's Secret Santa Wishlist just to spread some Christmas joy as well as remind people that I have some semblance of life. Here's my wishlist:

  1. A Quagsire lazing about
  2. A Jumpluff drifting about on a snowy day
  3. An Eeveelution in a Japanese setting

*twiddles thumbs* Hope it wasn't too specific. Well then, I better had get cracking on my present as soon I can! :noes:
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Just to refresh my journal since my last update was before my semester even started.

Earlier on I mentioned about creating artwork on campus. Well, that failed, 'cos my tablet refuses to install itself on my laptop. So artwork from me will be very few and far between, with quality not guaranteed :noes:.

I have my final exams in three days time, so my desire to procrastinate grows even stronger. Oh, and Happy Halloween! It's my favourite holiday which I don't celebrate :evillaugh:
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I've just come back from the Philippines and discovered that DA has totally revamped its look, leaving me feeling a little confused. I've just accidentally deleted my entire history of messages sent to me (like +300 messages) so it just confirms my dislike for sudden changes. I'll probably get used to it sooner or later, after a few more mishaps here and there.

Tomorrow I'll be trooping back to a fresh new year at university, but it leaves me a little worried whether my Vileplume pic is going to see the light of day. However, I now have a spanking brand new Dell laptop and hope to figure a way to get some artwork done on there as well :boogie:
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How ironic that the first time I'm updating my page in two months is to tell everyone that I'll be on a 9-day hiatus beginning tomorrow. I'll be heading to Philippines for a debate competition.

I feel kinda bad for neglecting this page since I was on holiday for the past two months or so and will be heading back to university in two weeks' time. However, I have been working on an illustration for the past few weeks or so (I work real slow). Unfortunately, it still isn't finished and will probably take 1-2 weeks more before I get back to it.

Till then, ciao!
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I finally got a Nintendo DS after long last a  few weeks back. Well, it's not to say I would have died without one, but it's kinda cool just owning one, you know?

The problem now is, its darn near impossible buying original DS games in Malaysia. The only alternative is ordering them online, which, with the exchange rate would set me back RM100 per game.


So I've reluctantly decided to do what practically everyone else in Malaysia (who owns a DS, that is) does: buy a memory card that allows you to play roms downloaded online on the console.

I feel sorta guilty for supporting this, but on the other hand, I don't have many options either. I mean, most of us have probably played the roms downloaded online which are free anyway.

Any opinions?
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It's been a while since I've updated this page, and even though it was a one week break from uni to study, I still couldn't finish one Pokémon art (I'm still working on it - you'll probably see it in a few days' time).

Anyway, time has really flown and one semester has passed. Right now I'm sitting in my library's cyber centre, leeching off internet access from a computer which is strictly for research work only.

The library is unusually packed these days, with the final exams and all, but I like to stay back in the library till 8pm-9pm when its pretty deserted. The silent and lonely atmosphere is really serene - until I plug in my handphone's MP3 player, blasting some J-pop song into my ears.

Now that's what I call zen ;P.

I just realised this was a totally random post o_O
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Sorry I haven't updated my page much as what was promised in my *last* journal. Just been busy with uni stuff, coming back home (to my computer!) only every weekend. Lately I've been sketching more frequently, only thing is they remain as sketches since I hardly have time to colour them in via PhotoShop. Even my 'quick' colourings take at least a few hours...

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Having a one week break for the Chinese New Year holidays. After the celebrations, I'll have a day to update this page after a long time.

On a side note, I watched Sweeney Todd last Monday and loved it. Sure, my friends who watched it with me hated it (they didn't see the sense in  watching a barber kill and sing) but it was so macabre, it was a rush to watch. The songs kind of tired me out towards the end, but hey, it's a musical after all.

Cheers for now!
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Have yourself a merry Christmas!

Sorry I couldn't update on any stuff - I really wanted to, but I got tied down with uni activites and Christmas shopping.

Hopefully next year will be better :D!
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Just 3 more days to freedom! Tomorrow's my Organic Chem exam followed by my Physical Chem exam two days later! Of course, I slacked off studying during my 7 day break in between papers. (There's an addition to my gallery - go figure.)

I will be on an additional 1 week hiatus due to my debate tournament (my first ever ;P), so I hope to return full swing in December - in time for Christmas! Yay!
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I've been back from uni for the past week for study week(s) a.k.a the-3-weeks-the-uni-gives-us-for-studying-for-our-semester-exams-but-in-reality-is-spent-goofing-off-till-the-last-3-days. That gives me about 11 more days for slacking off before I begin to panic ^^;

For the past 3 months or so, I've spent most of my time in uni (note the most - I actually spend my weekends at home, but I'm so dead tired that I hardly log on anyway). Uni's fun, minus the language barrier...believe it or not, I actually acted in a play that was in Mandarin and I had no idea on what it was about...ah, the memories...
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I'll be entering uni beginning today, so expect less activity from me (if that is even possible) for....the next 15 weeks or so? I'll definitely be gone for the first week (compulsory Orientation week - we all have to stay on campus). Plus, my uni's an hour-long drive from my home, so it means I'll only be back home during weekends TTwTT. Don't know if the course I'm taking is going to be back-breaking (I'm doing Chemical Technology), but going by the name, I guess it probably will be.

EXTRA: My cousin recently went to Japan on a homestay programme. The souvenir he got me was this:


Curious to see what holos I got inside? Check this out:

Birds of a feather

Rares included Machamp and Azumarill. How neat is that? I can't find any DP booster packs in my country (short of ordering it online), so these 2 packs are a real steal ;P!

Bye for now :wave:!
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I needed a new journal anyway. Tagged by :iconcipher-revolution::

The rules are: The 1st player of this "game" starts with the topic "6 weird habits/things/hates about yourself" and people who get tagged MUST write a journal about their 6 weird habits/things/hates as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says "you are tagged" in their devpage comments and tell them to read yours.

Alrighty then:
1. I'm Chinese, but can't speak a word of it. (That would be bad if 95% of the Chinese population in my country expects you to speak it.)
2. I'm very polite over the phone, so much so that people think it's a girl talking.
3. I'm completed my piano studies up till Grade 8 (the highest grade there is), but I can never play fast songs. I always trip up somehow.
4. I completed Kingdom Hearts 2 without defeating Sephiroth. I can thank my awesomely slow reflexes for losing to Sephiroth for the 1725th time.
5. I am petrified of moths (the large ones, that is)
6. Whenever I watch nature documentaries, I always feel compelled to make references to Pokemon.

And being the silently subversive person that I am, I'll tag no-one. G'day ;P!
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Just a random quick update...

I've posted a couple of sketches in my Scraps...they're all pics which I scanned into my comp but never finished colouring them in. I usually never finish them because a) I lose interest in finishing the pic, or b) I have to do something else (like take exams, go on vacation) after which I lose interest in finishing the pic ^^;. So I thought I'd let you guys see what pics lie around my comp unfinished and taking up space ;p.

Here they are, from the oldest to newest:
:bulletblue:  Torkoal (drawn Aug 2006)
:bulletblue:  Sableye (drawn Sept 2006)
:bulletblue:  Jumpluff (drawn Dec 2006)
:bulletblue:  Gyarados (drawn Jan 2007)
:bulletblue:  Absol (drawn Feb 2007)

Since I probably never will use these sketches again, it's OK if anyone wants to download them for their own use. Just send me a note to let me know that you are using my sketch :D.

Over and out  :boing:.
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Yup, my exam results came out. I got an A for my General Paper, 2 B-s for Chemistry and Maths, and a C for Physics.

Overall, my results are pretty much what I expected. Not to mention mediocre. My class had a student who scored 3 As and 1 A-, and 3 more with better results than me, so it means that I'm pretty much the average point. (There are only 11 people in my class, go figure.) While having at least 1 A is a good thing, in the hyper-competitive university placement system that my country has, it probably means I'll end up taking a course I don't want.

But then again, maybe I'm just being pessimistic.
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My exam results, which will determine which university I am eligible for, are coming out in another 10 hours time.

It's like waiting for your own execution - you know what the ending will be like anyway (very bad), so you don't feel very nervous and yet you anticipate every moment.

Strange, isn't it?
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Yup, just back from watching Death Note: The Last Name sneak preview (yay for free tickets :D!)

All I can say is that the movie is a real good watch for anime fans (although I have a few complaints here and there). I haven't read the manga or watched the anime (yet), but from what I know, the movie deviates a lot from the manga. Here's what I think about the movie...SPOILERS AHEAD!

First off, I don't know why, but I really disliked Light's character in this film...sure he was smart and all, but he was a total brat in playing mind games with L. I was just waiting for him to be beaten at his own game (which happened in the end, thankfully).

L's character was much more likeable, but why did he have to die in the end :(? (At least he had a peaceful death, can't say the same for Watari...) All his quirks were really well acted out and I found him very funny. I really pity Mr. Yagami (that Iron Chef guy, apparently he dies in the manga) and Rem as well. Misa Amane was an interesting character, but I wish she wouldn't whine so much and be so clingy -.-. And Takada Kiyomi was just...megalomaniacal :mwahaha:. Still, I couldn't catch on to certain stuff in the movie, like the Death Note's complicated rules and L's death (I had to read the synopsis over the Net to actually understand it ^^;).

My biggest gripe about the film would be its practically non-existant soundtrack. The music was often not dramatic enough, and worse still, no music played for some dramatic scenes :(.

END OF SPOILERS. So, that's what I think of the movie. I'll definitely recommend anybody who loves watching anime (in other words, can tolerate fantastical plots) or loves reading detcective stories to watch DN:TLN. Now, all they need to do is make a movie all about L's daily life :D.
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One of my worst fears was realised yesterday when I attended an education fair at the KL Convention Centre. There I was, browsing through a university booth, when 3 girls walked up to me and said Hi. And I was all...Huh?...

After about a minute or so, my mind (and face) was still blank...I could actually recognise their faces, but I had NO IDEA who they were TTwTT. Thankfully, they eventually realised that I couldn't remember them, they jokingly (I hope) said, "You can't remember who we are, can you?" to which I blurted out a yes. How. totally. embarassing :crying:! Don't you hate it when a person you know approaches you but you cannot remember who he/she is?

N.B. Those girls were members of a school club which I used to be president for. I'm so sorry for not recognising you earlier :blush:!
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This seems like an overdue entry, just to update my journal.

Now that my STPM is over, I have pretty much a lot of free time...I've even started working on some of my older drawings which I abandoned some time back ^^;. Christmas presents are fewer than usual this year, but I got a pair of jeans, cargos, an Animeplastic T-shirt, a Mushishi VCD set (really wanted that one :D), the BLOOD+ OST, the Life of Pi book (really overdue present) and 3 volumes of the BLEACH manga (again, really overdue).

The only difference in my presents this year is that I didn't get any Pokemon stuff :O. Maybe I am getting old...
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I went for the Death Note movie sneak preview last Saturday, thanks to the free tickets my sister got.

I've never read the Death Note manga before, and neither have I watched the anime (though I've downloaded it ^^;), but I'd say the movie was good...the twists and turns the movie took were very interesting. I especially love L, the detective with extreme sweet tooth *takes lollipop and stirs tea with it* - that was a very entertaining moment :D. Also, I was very surprised by the actor Takeshi Kaga, who played Light's father...I always saw him in Iron Chef (as the host), so watching him play a serious role got me tickled...

On the other hand, the movie really took a toll on my bladder...darn the movie for being so interesting!  By the last 20 minutes, I was going "I really have to go...oh, is his girlfriend going to be killed?" Needless to say, I have never been so glad when a movie ended, for all the wrong reasons ^^;.

Side note: I bought two Crystal Guardian boosters from the same mall and got a Kyogre ex, a Mawile and a Wigglytuff. I'm so haaappppyyyy :D.
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